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What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s

By |June 10, 2022|

Alzheimer’s disease refers to a cognitive disorder that relates to memory deterioration. If you or a loved one hears the diagnosis of “Alzheimer’s” from a doctor, it can lead to more questions than answers. However, there’s a lot to learn about the disease and how to...

What is Respite Home Care?

By |February 14, 2022|

Many seniors today state that they would prefer to stay in their homes or age in place for as long as need be. However, as people get older, several age-related conditions or challenges such as decreased mobility and cognitive decline can make living at home increasingly difficult and unsafe.

10 Ways to Help Your Loved One Age in Place

By |February 14, 2022|

With good preparation and planning, aging in place is possible, and you don't have to do it alone. Caring hearts of Sedona can assist you with the following ways to help your loved one age in place, giving you complete peace of mind that your parent is well-cared-for, safe, and happy. Try these ways to help your loved one age in place.

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