People of older ages frequently express their desire to age-in-place. According to research, 90 percent of older persons want to remain in their homes as they age. It’s time to establish a strategy for aging in place if you’re one of them!

It is painful to watch a parent or loved one deteriorate as they grow older. Whether you’re prepared or not, your loved one is counting on you to make critical life decisions. Knowing where to begin can be challenging and perplexing sometimes.

With good preparation and planning, aging in place is possible, and you don’t have to do it alone. Caring hearts of Sedona can assist you with the following ways to help your loved one age in place, giving you complete peace of mind that your parent is well-cared-for, safe, and happy.

Try these ways to help your loved one age in place.

Ways to Help Your Loved One Age in Place

1) Setting Up In-home Care Services

Aging in place is not the same independence for an older adult suffering from mobility challenges or ailments that make their daily duties difficult. Professional home health care providers can assist in bridging the gap. Consider having a home health care aides come twice a day, in the morning and evening. Senior care in Caring hearts of Sedona assists in ensuring your loved ones eat a balanced meal, take medications, and have personal care assistance in their homes.

Family caregivers can also provide companionship, which is vital for the well-being of your aging loved ones.

Senior in-home care is an excellent strategy to safeguard your loved one.

2) Know the Options for Care

It is essential to talk to your loved ones about the various caregiving services available to help them age in place. When speaking to your loved one, the best strategy is to inquire about their main concern. Talk to them about finding a trustworthy home care provider for their senior living solutions. Most seniors will like the notion of having meals delivered and a cleaner to help with housekeeping. A geriatric care manager will appoint a client care manager to discuss various care options.

3) Discuss In-home Care Costs of Aging in Place

Many people believe aging in place is less expensive than aging at home. But it all depends on your parent’s needs. This includes home modifications and safety enhancements. Consult a reputable home care agency for an estimate of current expenses.

You also have to consider how long your parent might be able to stay at home and how their care needs might evolve. Examine the likelihood of requiring round-the-clock care or home care.

4) Long-Term Care Insurance is Something to Think About

Your loved ones’ health needs vary as they age, hence needing long-term care. Look into long-term care insurance as a possibility. This insurance assists in paying for health care that is not covered by the standard health insurance, thus making a significant difference when hiring personal care assistants.

5) Make a Safety Inspection of Your Home

Assisted living f

When your parents are aging in place, you should consider these three essential safety requirements. Falling, burning, or poisoning are the most common causes of death among older adults. Seniors’ falls are the leading cause of deadly and non-fatal injuries.

Make a home safety inspection to lower your chances of an accident or a fall in the future. AARP has suggested several simple changes that you can make for your house to be safe. Non-slip floor surfaces, grab bars in bathrooms, lever-handled doorknobs, and personal alarm systems that allow them to phone for help in an emergency are all examples of these features.

6) Personal Care Services

This is a way offered to eligible clients and loved ones to age in place. It also enables them to remain in their own homes and communities rather than nursing homes. They also provide care assistance.

7) Need to Meet companionship

If your parent lives alone, they are vulnerable to loneliness and the health problems that come with it. Senior loneliness and isolation often lead to ailments. Companion care is advised. Discuss a strategy with your parent to ensure that they maintain contact with others.

Arrange a meeting with them regularly. Set up a regular phone call or Skype talks if you provide long-distance care for your parent or cannot visit. Your parent can use technology to keep connected with an in-home caregiver. You might as well ask family members, friends, and community members to stop in regularly.

8) Make a Care Strategy

Not only is it essential to financially prepare for any future home care needs, but it is also beneficial to have a plan in place for who will be caring for your loved one. The caring hearts of Sedona can help you achieve that.

9) Get a Medical Alert System set up

Skilled Nursing care

A safety gadget worn by your senior in an emergency could make getting a professional home health care aide easier. Fall detection is also a feature of certain alarm systems. Consult your loved one’s doctor to determine their medical care needs and the best gadget for them. Your loved one can also use Medicaid to cover home health care.

10) Make Simple Home Modifications

Most houses aren’t built to accommodate long-term care. On the other hand, simple house changes can make aging in place easier – and safer – for elders. And when it comes to home improvements, the options are unlimited.

Simple changes, such as installing grab bars in the shower, can drastically minimize the risk of falling in the bathroom, where most injuries occur.

Importance of Hiring a Professional for In-home Care Services

1) Professionals will Help Your Loved One’s Nutrition and Home Health Care Services

Older adults’ dietary needs differ significantly from young, healthy folks. Good nutrition and meal preparation are critical for the long-term health of seniors. You won’t have to worry about these requirements if you choose Caring Hearts of Sedona. Professional caregivers will look after these for you, ensuring that your loved ones receive the best nutrition possible from their diet.

2) Professional Caregivers Provide You Peace of Mind.

Living far away from an aging parent, whether in town or out of state, makes monitoring their health difficult. Hiring a caregiver for in-home assistance provides you peace of mind that your parent’s needs are being fulfilled daily, even when you aren’t present.

3) Caregivers Provide Flexibility

Your loved one may want assistance for a few hours per day. Alternatively, they may need extra attention. A competent caregiver can help them and your family in either case.

To fulfill everyone’s needs, an in-home care provider can work with you and your loved one’s schedules. You can do more with your time and handle other aspects of your life simpler if you have this flexibility.

Take Away

Caregiver standing near senior wearing glasses

One of the essential decisions you will ever make is selecting the best Home Care, provider. Caregivers will be entrusted with a loved one’s health, happiness, and safety. That is why you should choose the best. Caring Hearts of Sedona has over 18 years of experience providing the highest quality in-home care and residential settings in Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are looking for 24/7 care or something less, Caring Hearts of Sedona is here for your loved ones. Contact us for quality caregiving services for your loved ones.